Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We are now dot com

Posted on 4th August 2009

More than 100 couple shirts sold...
More than 50 lovely couples satisfied...
With just 1 Couple-Shirt Store...


Dear my beloved friends & customers..

Due to increasing demand of couple tees, I proudly launch my brand new website, www.couple-shirt.com. With this new domain, I really hope it can boost your confidence in buying my couple tees. You can still type couple-shirt.blogspot.com, but you will be redirected to couple-shirt.com.

For current out-of-stock items, I am very sorry as im unable to get constant supply. Those tees are hot selling. Currently Im trying to get bulkier stocks (off course I need more money). Im trying my best kay. Happy shopping~~!

Thank You for Supporting Couple-Shirt


Any query, email me at sales [at] couple-shirt.com

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